2-5 June 2016 Düsseldorf, Germany
Fair, Conference & Art exhibition for sustainable lifestyle and innovation


International fair, conference & art exhibition for sustainable lifestyle and innovation

Sustainica envisions the future we all dream of. Breakthrough innovations and future trends on mobility, fashion, food, technology, art and much more – brought to you by artists, designers, innovators and high-quality brands.

We invite companies, designers and artists from various sectors as well as creative-and cultural industries to register and participate in this cutting-edge platform for sustainable innovation.

From June 2 to June 5 Sustainica showcases innovative solutions for sustainable living at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf and is also host of the Sustainica conference where experts, businesses, entrepreneurs and NGOs spread ideas and kick-start discussions.

Sustainica 2016 in retrospect

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Planet B

100 IDEAS FOR A NEW WORLD With art exhibition Planet B the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf is presenting an exceptional parallel event from 2 June till 21 August 2016 to inspire the visitors about sustainability. It searches for a plan B - for the future we are all dreaming of. Planet B is curated by Alain Bieber, Nicola Funk and Joanna Szlauderbach in cooperation with Sustainica.

#tags: Electro mobility, food hacking, kayaktivists, circular economy, capitalism, climate change, biodiversity, shared Economy, zero-waste lifestyle, disruptive innovation, plastic pollution, art power, behavioural change and so on.

Sustainica takes place from June 2 to June 5 2016 at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf


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The organiser

The collaborative team of Sustainica is proud to present you the first edition of Sustainica in partnership with the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf. Sustainica is supported by the 10YFP CI-SCP Programme (global UNEP initiative), the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production gGmbH (CSCP) in Wuppertal and the Office of Economic Development Düsseldorf.

Vasco is founder of the Sustainable Lifestyle Initiative and is committed to make a positive impact on society. For background stories and news related to the initiative please read the Blog.

Mission & Vision

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire and empower people to make the world more sustainable.

Our vision

We envision a society where consumption and production aligns with sustainable development and where companies take full responsibility for their actions.

Expert Panel

We work with a panel of multidisciplinary entrepreneurial specialists, which acts as advisor and think tank. Each panel member is a subject specialist in its own field and supports Sustainica in the validation of the companies.

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